Finally! You can Focus full time on doing what you love. 

You have learned what you needed to learn from those past experiences.
Exercise your right to pay your mortgage, manifest your own dreams, grow and travel with your family through your successful art business. 

I went the length to write out to the letter every step you need to take in order to have:

  • Freedom menial from jobs that take you away from your purpose
  • Become an expert with your creativity an anthology of work. 
  • Take your creativity to a more radical state. 
  • Learn how to utilize the sacred arts to heal others and yourself. 
  • Make impactful decisions and have more control in your life
  • Travel and become a leader of Hip Hop Yoga

Here is what others have said about UNDAKOVA
I am so humbled and grateful to have you as part of my life. The beats that you share here are a constant source of inspiration, and each time I flow to them, I am reminded of your awesome person, and it helps me feel connected to my larger community. I think you are doing an excellent job! Keep up the great work!
 Darron E Boyer, Undakova's Website (Aug 7, 2018)

You inspired us through hip hop, which was how I started my career as a DJ. Conscious HipHop is the way to spread awareness & ground and heal ourselves & Mother Earth”
 Sunny Siri, Undakova's Website (Oct 16, 2017)
“I met David about a year ago, and he stays with me as a constant inspiration to create, to express, and to contribute my energy to something bigger than myself. He has a visceral wisdom and a welcoming, loving spirit. He is a magical human and a wonderful friend.”
Sophia Ciocca, Sophia Ciocca (Jan 25, 2016)
Ohmygod, this album is life changing!!!! I am so impressed David!!! The songs range from relaxing to energizing ~ and always insanely truthful. Your delivery & tone remind me of a new age, cooler version of Will Smith . . . mixed with a more soulful version of Eminem . . . mixed with the beautiful, uniting essence of the Beatles. HOLY FREAKIN WOW!”
Heidi D, Heidi D Music (Aug 07, 2015)


Get the tips and solutions to stepping out of the "people pleasing" pattern and into your LEADERSHIP and BOSS mentality. 
I will never share your name or email to anyone. Promise.
Hey I am David

My clients call me UNDAKOVA an Urban Shaman. I am the owner of the Hip Hop Yoga company Undakova Enterprises. 
I help agents of the divine get recognized for their authentic expression and be seen as a leader through their creativity and anthology of work
So that they are no longer dependent on menial jobs that deter them from more traveling, control over their life, and doing what they love.

I am faculty of the Urban Mystery Skool UltraCultural Others and instruct Monk Mojo, High Priestess Hip Hop, and Transcendental Drumming. As teaching artist of BEAT GLOBAL (Bridging. Education. and Art Together) I teach the youth Yoga fusing BeatBoxing Breakin and Positive Hip Hop together.  READ MORE ABOUT ME